Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Earth and Water. Capricorn and Cancer can either be completely compatible or not at all. You could easily turn into a collector for Cancer’s Water, catching her and not letting go. However, in some cases you may regret this decision, dear Capricorn.

You are an ambitious and rigorous social-climber, always excelling at your job in the hopes that you will eventually become a leader. You love structure, organization, and enjoy having a lot of responsibilities. You are a productive pragmatist. Your feet are firmly planted on the ground, and you have a careful plan for your life, knowing when to take your moves and when to wait for a more ideal environment.

Now, let us take a moment to examine what your Cancer partner will be like. Cancer is firmly planted in the home, enjoying housework and yearning for a family to take care of. Cancer is hardworking and will take care of you when you are home, and your house when you are hard at work. Cancer understands the importance of a welcoming and warm home.

Oh, here are the problems. Cancer is prone to mood swings. You already spend enough time in the workplace, and when your partner gets in one of her “moods”, you may try to spend even more time there. This will only exacerbate problems. Cancer wants you to be home more, plain and simple. She can’t and doesn’t want to understand why you enjoy working so much anyway, and will automatically assume it is her fault. She can become very upset and difficult if you do not know how to placate her.

On the other hand, you will think that your partner is too obsessed with your joint home, staying inside too much and not getting out getting any sun or socialization.

Cancer has a lot of emotions, sometimes too many you may think. She will call you cold and calculating, too detached from her. In fact, Capricorn has a lot of emotion to share if only Cancer could scratch the surface through your reserved appearance.

You are good at making money, and Cancer is very good at spending it in a reasonable manner, as well as taking care of the bills and household expenses. In this way, you two are a good match, as you will bring in the money and Cancer will make sure it stays and grows, leading to a secure and rich lifestyle.

Cancer wants sensuality and deep, deep emotion when she makes love. Capricorn may find this tiring after awhile, having to always think up new and original things to whisper into her ear, or new positions to try out. Good luck, dear Capricorn.

Together, you could make a successful family if only you can get over your emotional differences. You will need to learn to open up to your Crab and show your emotional side, as well as come home from work early every once in awhile to show your appreciation.