Capricorn and Aries Compatibility

Oh dear, Earth and Fire. This relationship never does well on a cosmic scale. If you can muster the energy, it could possibly work? I’m not sure it’s worth the effort though, if we’re being honest.

Capricorn has an overwhelming love for structure and organization, for work and institutions. This is the absolute complete opposite of an Aries. Aries is a free spirit, loving adventure and excitement. Capricorn disapproves of this and will be greatly annoyed by it. Capricorn wants stability and a loving home, while Aries dreams of grander plans.

As a Capricorn you see your worth through your social standing. Aries is always conspiring on projects and trying to invent everything in the world, and if she is successful you may find yourself appreciating your lover for it. If he isn’t, you will be frustrated by Aries’ flippant treatment of the social world. Aries often does not give a damn what others think about him, and only works for the improvement of himself.

You may do well if you start a business together. Aries is a ton of energy and will funnel it into any project he is working on, while you are a hard worker and will spend a lot of time making it work. However, this would not be a couple’s relationship as much as a business partnership if you did this.

Aries is an enthusiastic dreamer, wanting to build her own way up, while you would rather use the system already set in place. Aries is not always the most realistic of people, which will frustrate you, however if you give him the right sort of advice and inject your practicality into what he is doing, Aries’ plans may well come to fruition.

You both enjoy sex, however Aries focuses on speed and you are more slow and want to enjoy yourself. If you can manage to catch your Aries and slow him down, show him how much more one can enjoy sex from a slow, sensual angle, you may enjoy sex more.

You and your fiery Aries would do much better as business partners than as lovers or in a relationship. While you are meant to be successful in a professional manner, that in no way precludes a successful relationship. Please sit down and think about your possibilities with your Aries before making any long-term plans.