Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

Earth and Air. The differences between you two are wide, but if you can work through it the relationship may be worth salvaging.

Aquarius is an intellectual, through and through. She has a cold, analytical and objective view of the world, not bothering with looking at it through any other lense but her own. While she doesn’t let feelings get in the way of reason, she can still be a shocking revolutionary, always trying to turn the world upside down on its head.

Spiritually your relationship will not be very successful. Aquarius’s pure intellectual guidance will always trump Capricorn’s feelings and emotions.

You, dear Capricorn, are a traditionalist, and rooted in feelings and emotions. While you find Aquarius’s unconventional and thought-provoking feelings to be exciting and attractive, you will soon tire of it. Aquariuses are not known to be stable, and often opt for a flexible, modern attitude that will have her changing her mind every other week, even!

Capricorns are very proper. You have a strong sense of social differences and forever want to be an upward climber. Your Aquarius is so much different than this – she could care less what people believe of her actions or even of herself. She wants to change the world, she lives in the future, and she doesn’t bother with the present and mundane.

Capricorn upwardly climbs the social ladder through his workplace – often dedicating hours of extra time towards perfecting his work and making sure he is doing good enough to get a raise or maybe even a promotion. While this will suit your Aquarius just fine – Aquariuses are not known for their stability, financial or otherwise, she won’t appreciate your love of work one bit.

An Aquarius could care less about her job, preferring to volunteer at humanitarian associations or working for non-profit organizations. Aquarius is more about saving the world than saving money. Capricorn will stay late at the office and Aquarius will stay late at her charity show of choice.

There are more differences between the two of you. Capricorn has a strong appreciation for history, Aquarius could care less, preferring to live in the future. Capricorn would appreciate a five-star restaurant, somewhere elegant and refined; Aquarius would opt for something fast and dirty, that shows reality for what it is.

Capricorn and Aquarius are both sensual in bed, however Aquarius prefers to treat it like a delicious game, while Capricorn wants to take it more seriously. Aquarius wouldn’t mind a good adult movie during the act, which Capricorn may look at with distaste.

Is Capricorn and Aquarius compatible? This depends on the amount of work – compromise, patience and understanding – you want to pour into the relationship to make it work.