Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

In theory, Cancer and Virgo are very compatible together. It depends on what planets each one of you has on your charts. Cancer will bring passion and sentimental emotions to this relationship, and Virgo will bring a strong sense of communication and intellectual conversations.

Virgo is an Earth sign, practical and communicative, intellectual and patient. She can sit and philosophize with you for hours about anything, and it will always be an interesting conversation. As well, if you are ever having any troubles, a Virgo will always be patient enough and listen to you explain what is wrong. She is analytical and stable, something that a Cancer desperately needs to balance himself out.

Shy, like you, and preferring to stay home, you two will be ensured a peaceful, quiet relationship together. Virgo is the bedrock upon which your ocean of emotions lies, always there to hold you up in your time of need. You, in turn, cover him in love and passion, ensuring he always feels wanted and comfortable.

You both have a strong sense of morality and are very faithful, so a Cancer’s normal jealousy won’t come out to ruin things like it does in some relationships. However, Virgo won’t say those three little words as often as you would wish. Earth signs tend to be reserved about love, and think that if they show their love that should be good enough for their partner. Don’t get too upset about it – your partner does indeed love you, even if he doesn’t say it a lot.

Your relationship will create a comfortable, beautiful home in which you can live in peace with one another. Marriage is a real possibility for the two of you, and your children will have a safe and warm place to grow up.

Your sex life will be a little shy, considering both of your natures. But it will definitely have feeling and sentiment in it, and after awhile you will be able to feel your partner’s passion for you come out, once you both are more comfortable.

One small problem may be Virgo’s tendency to be a perfectionist. This mostly comes out in his sense of criticism. Virgo will criticize you about small flaws you may have, and, being a Crab, this may upset you more often than not. Sit down, talk about it with your partner, and come to a compromise about the criticism. If one is really in love, small problems like that should have a solution, whether it is easy or hard to come by.

Should you try this relationship? YES! You will not be disappointed by it. Despite some small bumps along the way, your partner could be marriage material!