Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Water and Earth tend to do well together, and you two are nearly guaranteed to have a beautiful house with one another. The compatibility is definitely there.

You are good for each other – Taurus has the stability an emotional Crab needs; the faithfulness you crave. You both share a need to have a stable, beautiful home, and your money woes will be long gone with this sensible, responsible Bull. If all goes well, you have found your partner!

Taurus enjoys spoiling his partner rotten, showing his love through the things he buys and doting attention he piles on his partner. You will enjoy and appreciate this, as Cancer tends to be insecure and a little jealous. Taurus will dispel all of those bad feelings from you.

And although Taurus enjoys buying you little gifts and things, he has a good head on his shoulder about finances, another appreciable attribute. You two will never lack for money during this relationship. Oh, and did I mention the stability! Taurus will be your anchor in your stormy sea of emotion, keeping you held down when a bad mood strikes or your security capsizes. He is also very tactful and sensitive, and will try not to hurt your feelings whenever possible.

Your sex life will be so lovely – here is a partner who understands the sentiment and passion, the romanticism and sensuality you crave while making love. There will never be a lack of love in this relationship.

Cancer and Taurus are alike in so many ways, if you have found your Bull you should hold on tight and not let him go! You share so many common interests and qualities with one another, but have just enough differences so you won’t find each other boring, that you may as well start planning the marriage right now!