Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility

Oh dear, this relationship isn’t even worth trying! Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility is as low as the depths of your ocean, dear Cancer. Sagittarius’s wandering Fire will keep you forever insecure and worried.

It seems that you and your Sagittarius are living in completely different worlds, how did you manage to get together in the first place again? It is a rare day you will find your Sagittarius at home, and even then he may just be there for a change of clothes and will zip right back out again, off to his next adventure. You will often be left to clean up his mess, wondering “Why me?” Also, was your Sagittarius flirting with you before you got together? Don’t expect that to stop any time soon. Sagittarius enjoys the thrill of a chase, and will flirt as much as he pleases despite how much this upsets you.

And if you dare try to stop him, well… Your signs describe this situation perfectly: Fire will dry you up, you will put him out. You yearn for a stable and secure partner, your Sagittarius only yearns for the next adventure. He has a passionate aura about him, something that will desperately attract you to him, but don’t expect your attraction to be enough to keep him home. No way. And though he possesses this wanderlust and a deep passion for life, it doesn’t mean he is any good in the ways of love, dear Cancer. A relationship with him will never be peaceful or steady, which is exactly what you wish and dream for.

If you don’t watch out, your Sagittarius will get bored with your ways (“Stay at home? Never!”) and won’t understand when you get upset with his lack of tact.

Of course, you will have a lot to talk about when you can catch your partner. He enjoys talking, but be wary that he lives his life in reality and practicality. He simply won’t understand your intuition and feelings and will toss them aside, which will lead you to getting hurt more than once. Oh, and don’t even bother telling your partner when you are upset, he will just toss that out to the curb along with your emotions.

Don’t even bother getting into bed with your partner, you are too different and opposite to enjoy sex together.

The only way this relationship could work would be if one of you decided to wake up with a completely changed personality, ready to do everything your lover’s way. Please, leave while you can before your heart is broken.