Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Water and Air? The normal response to this is : NO! Air has wanderlust and tends to dance just outside of your reach, leading to a frustrating and unhappy relationship. Unless you have unending patience for your partner, I would recommend not tiring yourself out.

Libra is so different than you, dear Crab. Libra is a fiercely independent socializer, logical and reasonable but never understanding of your feelings and intuitions.

She will charm you with her wit and refined sophistication, her elegant, educated mannerisms, however when it comes to choosing her friends over you, she will no doubt pick her friends. Libra enjoys socializing too much, and can’t stand staying “cooped up” (as your partner may put it) at home with you.

As well, Libra is somewhat careless and extravagant with money, and HATES housework. He is all for having a party at your house, buying expensive food and drink, but won’t lift a finger afterward to help you pick it up. Oh, and another thing? If you are serious about staying with your Libra, dial down the jealousy. Libras are flirtatious by nature, they enjoy knowing that they’re still wanted, and will flirt with friends and guests alike in front of you. You need to understand that your partner is not trying to purposefully make you angry, it’s just in his/her nature.

As a result of all the socializing, however, your partner is excellent at communication (I cannot stress this enough.) If you ever have a problem with your partner, do not hide it. Tell him and he will be very understanding and helpful for you.

Your sex life will be exuberant, except you can’t help but get that nagging feeling your partner doesn’t feel it as deeply as you do. Libras are not very sentimental and only see sex as a sort of sport, a playful game. This may bother you after awhile.

Cancer and Libra would be compatible in the short-term, however I would under no circumstances recommend marriage for either of you. You are too different, and your marriage would be full of stress unless one of you completely changed your natures.