Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Water and Fire? I wonder how you to even managed to meet, let alone get together! Stay away from Leos, dear Cancer. They are not the partner of your dreams.

A Crab will have to sacrifice much in order to stay with a Leo. You are so different from one another, you may have to change your entire personality just to keep up with this Lion. Leo needs to be dominating, the one always on top, which a Cancer won’t mind so much. He also needs constant praise and approval, but this always needs to be genuine or else the Cat will catch a lie and be upset with you.

Leos do not appreciate moody or jealous partners, and being a Cancer you will have to put considerable effort into controlling both of these if you want to save the relationship. This will end up with you being so tired at the end of the day you may wonder why you’re trying so hard.

You might have become attracted to your Lion’s fervent passion, how theatrical and artistic he is, how much he soaks up your adoration and attention. However, Leo is very action-oriented, and will stay out late to get his fix of attention from everyone he can, often leaving you at home wondering where he is, letting the upset mood build up. And if not, you will often be out on the town with him by his side, leaving you terrified of the spotlight being on you. Cancers are not used to this much attention and indeed do not appreciate it coming from so many strangers at once.

Another problem with the Lion is that he will always expect this attention from you. For the rest of your relationship together, everything has to be about your partner. He will be demanding and dominating, and you will never find a moment’s peace with such a glamorous partner…

And don’t expect him to be understanding or flexible with your problems. If you start an argument, expect it to turn into the theater; your partner will involve everyone around you. No matter what, even if you are in the right, she will find a way to make you feel hurt, betrayed and upset. It is what Lions are good at.

I do not think that you two would be compatible at all. It is rare that a Crab enjoys the amount of energy and action that a Leo generates. You would be better off finding an intuitive and sensitive partner, someone who understands the deep meaning emotions have in your life.