Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Water and Air… This is not a relationship you want to be in, whatsoever. Dear Cancer, you had best get out before you feel too attached…

Your interests seem exactly at odds with each other. Gemini wants to go out and spend time with friends; he will always be on the phone, on the move, in the middle of the action, everything that terrifies a Cancer. You would rather spend a peaceful, rejuvenating night at home, relaxing and enjoying the isolation and quietness. Gemini can’t stand this.

Cancer can be very understanding, though, so for awhile you may find yourself drawn in by this charming adolescent (so-called by the zodiac.) In the end, if you follow your partner around enough however, you will feel exhausted and tired, worn out with the sort of lifestyle that a Gemini wants to lead. Gemini is intense and doesn’t understand the meaning of faithfulness, lives by feelings but only those that will stimulate and energize her, not the sort that you experience. Oh and by the way, if you ever let your jealous nature show through, expect your Gemini to take to his feet and run with the fleetness of the wind. Gemini can not stand stuffy partners.

Luckily, Gemini, being a communicator by nature, may sit and listen to you long enough to understand things from your point of view. Gemini is flexible and adaptable, but this also means that he chases change and can’t stand for things to stay the same for too long. So no matter how often you may explain things, Gemini will always have a different answer for you, a different way of explaining things and looking at the world.

If you can completely change your nature, to the point where you are as insensitive as a Gemini seems to be, using logic instead of intuition, this may work. But how could a Crab ever do that? It seems almost against your very being… but… if you are in love, anything is truly possible.

Your financial life will be a nightmare with a Gemini. They are careless spenders, so oriented in the present NOW, that they don’t think twice about saving money or making time for the future. Geminis live on the breeze, going wherever it may take them. You will find this frustrating and difficult to deal with, being a saver by nature.

In the beginning your sex life will be interesting. Gemini has so much energy that you will be caught in a whirlwind of emotions, but as time drags on you will come to understand that Gemini does not take making love nearly as seriously as you wish she would.

Cancer and Gemini are not compatible. Unless you can completely change your character, your very nature, bend and twist yourself for your partner, (who, however flexible, will be incapable of doing this for you) I’m afraid that this relationship was just never meant to be.