Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility could go either way. You are exact opposites on the zodiac, and a popular phrase is often true of opposites: either you will create Heaven on Earth for each other, or your Water will mix with Capricorn’s Earth creating quicksand that you won’t be able to climb out of.

Capricorn is ambitious and hardworking, always throwing her all into everything she does, with set goals in life. You will appreciate this quality in her. Capricorn is also a little introverted, which suits you just fine being the same. All you need to do is apply a little of your intuition, and you will find a Goat who is humorous and funny, devoted and understanding of your complex emotions.

You fit each other in so many ways – Capricorn feels that his previous partners misunderstood him, and you are perfect as a listening ear, always trying to be thoughtful and understanding of your partners. Your Goat will appreciate you for this and give you in return devotion and faithfulness, which is exactly what an insecure Crab needs. You have also just found someone who is bound to be as economical as you are, a financial whiz who enjoys making money hand over foot. Your home won’t go wanting for this. You may even be able to quit your own job!

Capricorn feels that his place is in the workplace, while Cancer feels more strongly at home. Therefore, if you can build and maintain a harmonious homestead for Capricorn, he will always come home happy and fulfilled, ready to devote his time to you. Because you both enjoy staying in, and only occasionally going out, you will enjoy your time together relaxing, either in a shared bubble bath, or maybe watching a movie together on the couch.

Being opposite signs on the zodiac, you are very sexually compatible. The only problem I can see in this is that Capricorn won’t take making love as deeply or as strongly as you feel it, and you may feel disappointed by this.

You may do fine, or you may fall apart. It takes a few months in order to find this out. Capricorn is not as intuitive or deeply emotional as you are, dear Crab, but if you spend enough time together maybe you can pull his barrier off and expose the rich wealth of personality hiding behind it.