Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Someone who understands you completely! No other relationship could possibly compete with your passion, your romantic sentimentalism. You were made for one another.

Cancers are seen as the hopeless romantics of the zodiac. Two of you together is like guaranteed to work so perfectly – you will never find unhappiness in a relationship of two Cancers.

Both of you crave the same things – someone who loves you and can never say it enough, loudly and with conviction. Someone who is completely faithful and devoted to you. Someone who can understand when you get moody and upset, and has the intuition needed to cheer you up and encourage your self-esteem and confidence. This is what you will find in a Cancer. An intensity, a passionate nature, an unending understanding of you.

Home, family, and home! Cancers love residing at home, would prefer a quiet evening in than a rowdy night out. You enjoy keeping in touch with your family and will find your partner does as well. Cancers are prone to bad moods at times, getting upset for little to no reason, and who better than another Cancer will understand this?

Male and female Cancers tend to deal with their emotions in different ways, however, and this is something to take note of, no matter what gender your partner is. Female Cancers tend to be adept at taking care of her emotions, can understand them and therefore control them better. Male Cancers tend to try to be more analytical about their feelings, and as a result tend to get them in a mess more often. If you or your partner is male, try to be understanding of his inability to cope with feelings as well as a woman would be able to, and keep him feeling encouraged and loved no matter how bad his mood may get. Cancers are governed under the moon, and so the moods often won’t last very long anyway.

Your sex life, full of intuition and romance, will be exactly what you wished for. Your Cancer sees making love as a reverent act, something to be taken seriously and always done right. You will always enjoy intimate moments and initiate them often.

This is a relationship that all stars say β€œYES!” to. Your tendency towards faithfulness makes marriage a strong possibility as well. As long as you can ride out the storm when bad moods arrive, you two will always have a peaceful, comfortable, and most important agreeable life together.