Cancer and Aries Compatibility

Cancer and Aries…. Water and Fire… oh dear, this combination is renowned for never working together. How did you two ever meet in the first place? You, dear Crab, should leave before your heart gets burned.

Aries is ruled by the God of War. He is very action-oriented, he needs to get out there and DO things, conquer the world, explore the four corners of the Earth and only return home when he is exhausted and content with his adventures (which may be never.) Aries is straightforward, tact does not belong in his dictionary. His direct, critical nature will often hurt your feelings and you can count on him never noticing. This is a sign that enjoys the big picture, and to Hell with the details. As well, the stability that you so need, dear Crab, you will never find in an Aries.

You may have been attracted to her exuberance, her passion to live life to its fullest capacity, but an Aries as a partner will expect the exact same out of you, and you will find this constant moving tiring.

Aries makes decisions fast, and you may find yourself criticized about your slow nature often. Aries will often be impatient with you, and, being a sign that doesn’t exactly value faithfulness, may be looking for another partner on the side while you struggle in his wake. And he isn’t very sensitive about this at all. Being direct and straightforward, he will tell it like it is and never worry about any of your feelings he is hurting in the process.

Aries will spend most of her days outside of the house… this is something you just can’t stand for. Water signs are rejuvenated by staying home and relaxing, enjoying the quiet isolation and comfort this can bring. Fire, on the other hand, must go outside and burn to its fullest, consuming everything in its path. You two are just so different, I don’t understand how this relationship even started!

So, dear Crab, this is not a relationship you should attempt. Aries will tire you out and insult you, unless you can do something to compromise his initial nature. Of course, there is the saying opposites attract, and you two are certainly completely different from one another… but only try this relationship out if you’re willing to get burned.