Aries and Taurus Compatibility

This is a mix of Fire and Earth. Not the most recommended relationship.

Taurus: productive and practical. Aries: impulsive and spontaneous. You two are so different from one another that at first it will be attractive, but the longer the relationship drags on the more Aries will feel like she’s dragging dead weight.

Taurus is very stable. This Bull has all four feet on the ground, enjoys safety and hates risk taking, which is very different from an Aries’ normal attitude. Taurus is also very slow, another point which is much different for an Aries. Aries love flirting with risky situations and takes everything fast, initiating anything at the drop of a hat. Taurus is a slow mover, prudent, and thinks about everything before doing anything. There will be arguments in your future.

Taurus is one of the stranger stars in the zodiac, enjoying a romantic meal before moving on to the act of making love. However, the wait is well worth it. Taurus is an emotional, tender and loving partner, and will take his sweet time making love to you, making sure your every need is met and every inch of your skin is touched. After being in the bedroom once or twice with this Bull, you may want to rethink your lightning fast ways.

Taurus likes staying comfortable, and would rather enjoy a movie on the couch then go out on a Saturday night and see a million people. You, dear Aries, will need to convince your Bull to live it up a little and enjoy the wilder side of life. Otherwise you may soon become bored with Taurus’s propensity to staying home. On the other hand, Taurus may soon get tired of your rowdiness and absence from the home, which may make you lose him.

Aries and Taurus may not be the most compatible, but if you both put in your all and compromise on your old sticking points, you will stay together and work out.