Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility is in question. You both aspire under Mars, the God of War, however you have different ways of expressing his influences in your daily life.

This relationship will only last if you, dear Aries, inject a little patience and compromise. Both of you aspire to be winners, so you need to set aside your differences and learn to live jointly with one another.

Scorpio is ardent and passionate, living a very sexual life. This suits you just fine. Your sex life will be sensual and deep, sometimes so deep you will lose track of your Scorpio. However if you open yourself up and learn from your partner, you will be just fine.

Scorpio yearns to be understood, command your total attention, and receive complete devotion and faithfulness from you. In return you will gain a partner who will always listen to you, has a passion for being active (a fondness you both share), and an ardent lover.

Famously, Aries has a problem with being faithful. You will need to keep your eyes to yourself in this relationship. It may seem boring at times, lacking the flirtatious adventure you often used to seek, and Scorpio will demand your complete faithfulness the moment you start any physical contact, so you will need to be careful with yourself.

However, both Aries and Scorpio thrive on energy and action-filled days, so you may yet have a relationship that works! All you need is a little effort to make Aries and Scorpio Compatibility work.