Aries and Pisces Compatibility

This is fire and water. Aries and Pisces Compatibility could be compared to either A delightful sauna, or a too-hot-to-handle shower.

You will need to gauge yourself and your partner carefully in this relationship. Your Pisces partner seeks someone who they can dedicate themselves to. Someone who is strong, will make decisions for them, and loves being in control. This certainly mixes well with all of your wants and needs, so no problems there.

Pisces lives in her own inner world, which will be very fascinating for you. The flip side of this coin is that as a result she is very absent-minded and will not bother thinking too hard about things. Pisces also feels the need to sacrifice herself for the good of others. You will get annoyed having to watch your partner get taken advantage of again and again. If you try to interfere in this, be aware that your little Fish will shrug her shoulders and let it continue, only interested in doing good for others, not worried about her own worthwhile.

Your partner will fall in love with your optimism, your volatile spirit and your can-do assertive attitude. You, on the other hand, will be fascinated with the flighty spirit of a Pisces, who is often floating around in the clouds. You may get frustrated by Pisces fondness for inactivity, but a little patience and compromise can tone your fire down. Sometimes you just need to stay in on a Friday night and watch a movie with your Fish instead of going out to party. However, Pisces can wear you thin with her possessiveness, which will often try to stop you from having your fun.

Pisces is also very sensitive, and Aries does not possess the tact or subtlety in order to placate this. If you stay long in your relationship with a Pisces, you will find yourself growing tired and worn out from the amount of tact you need to exert.

Initially, Aries and Pisces Compatibility will seem possible. The relationship will still be at a novel point and you will enjoy your differences. After awhile, though, this will get downright annoying. The wandering Flame will have to be cautious of being put out by Pisces’ Water.