Aries and Libra Compatibility

Aries and Libra are exactly opposite of each other in the zodiac. This can either make or break the relationship! Libra’s Air may fan Aries’ Fire – making it stronger – or risk putting it out. Aries will enjoy Libra playing in his fire, fanning his flames from the inside. Libra is a fine negotiator and communicator, knowing both how to make you angry and how to calm you down. And unlike Aries, who enjoys looking at the big picture, Libra will think objectively, looking at the smaller parts which make up Aries’ big picture.

While Aries is great at initiating plans, Libra has the tact and diplomacy needed to turn them into long-term investments. Your Libra will always be at your side, working together with you to explore new territories and ideas, always trying to find the middle ground in a dispute or conflict. Aries enjoys being bossy and getting her own way, so this may or may not be your ideal situation.

Your Libra will make many compromises to ensure the success of the relationship, so a crafty Aries may get away with being a little bossy. However, it would be better for you to learn from your compromising partner and understand the ways of the middle ground. Keep in mind that Fire helps create Wind; your Libra will want to stay close to you.

Aries is under Mars, the god of War. The result of this is the bossiness I mentioned above and the need to always have your own way and be on top. Libra, however tactful and diplomatic he may be, can also nearly as determined as you to be on top at times. So while Aries and Libra may fight a lot, Libra’s superb ability of persuasion will sometimes catch you off guard. You can learn a lot if you are willing to listen.

Libra is governed by Venus. She has a strong visual aesthetic and quality is very important for her. If you want to keep your Libra caught, you will need to brush up on the latest fashions and know how to look and keep sharp in a suit.

In sexual matters, Aries may be more in a rush than Libra is. Remember, Venus is the love, so if you slow down you will enjoy yourself that much more. Libra wants to be courted and teased during sex, she is not so much bothered with the direct route.

Aries and Libra Compatibility is very strong. Remember, they are at opposite ends of the zodiac, and opposites do attract! Venus, the goddess of love, and Mars, the god of war, will combine to make an attractive, exciting match. As long as the Aries can tone down his bossiness and absorb some of Libra’s refinement and elegance, this relationship will do just fine. Sometimes, strong Aries, you must realize your equals.

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