Aries and Leo Compatibility

Aries, the Sun, meeting the fire of Leo, the Lion. This relationship will be an energy-fueled adventure, action-packed and powerful. Sometimes you will seem like sides of the same card.

You both love many of the same things, and you always opt for action-filled days filled with spontaneity and impulsiveness. Leo will always be able to make you laugh, endearing himself to you. Leo is also a charmer, knowing just when to bring out the next gift or compliment to make you feel great about yourself.

Leo loves to dress up and head out for a night on the town, choosing elegant restaurants and refined clubs, and wishes for you to do the same. Leo is courteous but bossy, always wanting to be in charge. This could make for some trouble between the two of you, but Leo’s charm will always win you over in the end.

Leo and Aries share some bad points. You are both impractical and stubborn, not good with saving money and always trying to stay on top of each other. During your fights you must think about what is for the good of the relationship and learn to compromise. Leo melts under compliments and praise, so try to turn arguments around using Leo’s own charm.

Sexually, Aries and Leo are very compatible. You are both filled with energy you can funnel into perfecting the art of making love, and your love of motion will always guarantee an exciting time in the bedroom.

Something you must remember, Aries, is that while you may feel the need to stray off of the path at times and pursue another, your Lion will make you pay if and when they find out. Leo holds grudges and does not take betrayal lightly, and on top of that will want revenge against you.

Leo and Aries are two powerful, dramatic leaders that enjoy initiating new and exciting projects. You two may even feel a need to compete in the financial world, seeing who is more capable of being on top. While this will net quite a lot of money for the two of you, just remember that at the end of the day you belong in each others arms, not at each others throats.

The stars think you are made for each other. If you learn to back down every so often and let the other win, this relationship could work wonders.