Aries and Gemini Compatibility

Fire and Air – this is a match made in the Heavens above. You complete one another.

Gemini is a charming social butterfly. This suits Aries’ needs just fine. You both absolutely love active lifestyles, social outings and unending excitements and will do everything together. Aries and Gemini both get bored so easily, their attention will rove the Earth together, tirelessly exploring and adventuring, postulating and discussing.

Gemini is so flexible you can bend her backwards, which is also a plus for the bossy Aries. You will be able to lead your Gemini anywhere, and he will be perfectly happy to follow you to the ends of the Earth.

Geminis are so charming and sociable, they just love talking about the latest news. Whatever enterprising project you are working on, dear Aries, be sure that your Gemini will tell anyone who is willing to listen about it. Just remember that Gemini also has some tricks up her own sleeves and is just as willing as you are to express her pure personality. If you get in a fight, be cautious of Gemini’s explosive personality and loud temper tantrums. Happily, Gemini doesn’t stay angry for long and will never keep grudges against you.

Neither of you are good at money management, but luckily with your enterprising and active ways you will make more than enough money to support each other. Aries and Gemini live in the present; they want no thought or talk of the future.

Sexually, you both lean towards being fast and passionate. However, if Gemini can fan your flames a little less fervently, you will both find out that the slower you go the longer pleasure can be prolonged.

Aries and Gemini are completely compatible – the stars recommend you keep close to your Gemini. You two were made for each other.