Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

Fire and Earth. You are as much alike as an ant is to a bird – the ant desires structure while the bird wants nothing but freedom. There is nothing you have in common with one another.

Capricorn thrives in a practical, organized environment. He needs structure to survive. As well, he places a high value on social climbing, always trying to take on more responsibility and develop a great reputation, both in personal life and more important in his work life. He is prudent, thinking out each step of a plan before implementing it. Capricorns also tend to be realists or even worse yet, pessimistic about life.

Aries will forever be an optimist. Aries hates structured environments, and is very impulsive and flighty. Aries is an exploring adventurer, unreasonable and bullheaded at times, never worrying about the dangers or risks she is taking. If you get in a relationship with a Capricorn, be prepared to always have your decisions doubted and analyzed. However, if you can manage to compromise, Capricorn’s structure and upward mobility mixed with Aries’ ambitious nature would make a dynamic duo.

You will have to exercise a LOT of patience, dear Aries, in order to crack open the shell of your Capricorn. Capricorns are naturally very reserved, slow to open up and show their true selves. As well, Capricorn is very attached to their work. Aries will sometimes be disappointed by how late Capricorn stays at the office, working overtime. But, if you are able to detach your partner from his work, you will discover his sensuality, his overall gentleness and well of emotion which is quite often hidden by his social aspirations.

In this relationship, Aries will lead in the bedroom. Earth is at the whim of Fire, who can do what she wants when she wants to.

Earth or Fire will have to sacrifice much if you want to be together. Either Capricorn will have to give up his love for organization and structure, or Aries will have to give up her distaste for it. Aries has a love of adventure, forever wanting action and doesn’t care how disorganized her life may be. Capricorn would rather a calm life with not many interruptions. If you stayed by your Capricorn’s side, you may very well get bored by his inactivity. However, if you drag him everywhere with you, he will quickly become exhausted and tired from your high energy lifestyle.

With compromise, and a LOT of patience, this relationship may work. Both partners will have to be very understanding of each other and let fanciful whims take over sometimes. Otherwise, Aries and Capricorn compatibility is very low.