Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Fire may dry up Water, but be careful of Water overtaking Fire. Cancer is so much different than what you are used to, you will need to sacrifice much for this relationship to work.

Cancer feels an overwhelming urge for a family and a home. Aries is so much different than this. Aries wants to get out in the world, conquer it with his bare hands and carry it home as a prize. Cancer hates risk taking and only wants a stable life. Aries scoffs at this sort of thinking.

When you try to explain yourself to your Crab, remember that you have so much more ambition than she does, you do not limit your visionary ability for anything. Cancer will want you to settle down and be normal like “the rest of us”, and you will have to live with that attitude coming from your partner.

The Crab will come off as moody and unpredictable, emotional and possessive. Aries will perceive this as his partner constantly complaining and getting upset over nothing. Aries doesn’t have the subtlety or tact to understand that even small things can upset Cancer. Aries strays on his path often, and will flirt with others every so often. When a Cancer sees this happening, she will often withdraw in isolation, another one of her “moods”. Aries needs a high reserve of patience in order to draw his Crab out of her shell, and unfortunately that is just what an Aries lacks.

Communication is key in this relationship. Aries and Cancer must be patient and try to understand each other if they even hope to stay together. Aries will have to dial down his fast paced lifestyle, and Cancer may try being less moody and taking every little sign as an insult or slight against her. Cancer also needs to learn to speak up when something is bothering her instead of hiding inside her shell. Likewise, Aries needs to learn when to shut his big mouth.

You will be able to see clear differences in the bedroom. Aries wants to make passionate, fast love, sweeping his partner off her feet and putting her back down breathless minutes after. Cancer wants more, tender whispers in her ear, minutes spent caressing each other, romantic and thoughtful gestures. As a result, and because of Aries’ bossy nature, Cancer will often come out of your trysts feeling unfulfilled and disappointed. Try slowing yourself down or teaching your partner to live a little more freely.

When Cancer feels loved by her partner, she gives in return so much deep love and emotion, romantic and thoughtful gestures. However, Aries will need to learn to see past Cancer’s moody emotions and learn to love his Crab for what she is. Aries and Cancer are compatible, but only with much difficulty.