Aries and Aries Compatibility

Fire and Fire can only make a bigger fire. Oh dear, remember to bring a fire extinguisher. The most important person in an Aries’ life is: themselves. A relationship involving the selfishness and stubbornness that Aries so characteristically have can only spell trouble. If both of you compromise and give up your desire to always be in charge and the boss, your relationship may have a chance. However, Aries’ need for competition and to always be right may drown out your relationship’s small flame.

You will both need to learn to respect the other and their opinions, not automatically dismiss them like you have been so keen to do with others in the past. If you want a relationship with this person, their opinion invariably matters in your life. If you manage to direct your energy outwards and avoid conflict with your partner, oh the adventures you will have! Aries is a bold explorer, full of vigor and courage, ready to conquer the world. If you have your partner hand-in-hand, you can easily do this together.

Aries is a risk taker, plain and simple. Not keen on taking advice, because normally Aries thinks he is always in the right, you both will need to take a step back from your positions and learn to pay attention to each other. I would not be surprised if you decided to open a joint business together. Just be careful of getting too headstrong and ignoring your partner. Your lack of practicality is practically famous of all the signs in the zodiac – Mars is a god of War, not a god of Thinking.

Aries is fast-paced and impetuous, impulsive and full to brimming with energy, like a raging forest fire. I’m sure you can use your own imagination for your sex life… it will be explosive and passionate, and very very fulfilling.

So what’s the bottom line about Aries and Aries compatiblity? This is definitely a relationship worth testing out. You both have the same characteristics and the bad points aren’t all that bad, so you should give it a shot. Just remember that when it comes to arguments, sometimes it is better to back down and let the other person win. Otherwise, would you rather keep your stubbornness over your partner?