Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

Air and Earth. A fascinating combination, but doubtful that I will last very long.

Virgo is concerned more with the nitpicky details, while Aquarius’s generosity and altruism would rather wash over everyone indiscriminately.

Virgos are all about the family. A Virgo will sacrifice himself for his family, working to support an old aunt, a destitute father, anyone in his family that needs help. Aquarius, on the other hand, concerns herself with any and all people, would rather help anyone in need rather than only family members. Virgo is sensible and stalwart, dedicated towards her loved ones. Aquarius spreads himself thin and dreams of saving everyone, driven by a wild enthusiasm.

Sometimes your partner will be frustrated with your visionary power, unable to look at the world by how you see it, but if you take enough time out of your day to explain your motives to your Virgo, he may come to understand what you already know.

Virgo and Aquarius, on a whole, are a loving and capable partnership, helpful to friends and family alike. Aquarius gains pleasure and happiness from helping others, and Virgo will gain his happiness from his partner’s happiness.

Aquarius and Virgo are sexually compatible, both enjoying the sensual and emotional aspect, though Aquarius will be more creative in the bedroom than her partner.

This relationship will last awhile yet, but in the end Virgo just won’t be able to understand Aquarius’s side, and the Aquarius will become frustrated with having to explain himself over and over again to no avail.