Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

Air and Earth! You two will no-doubt build a house together.

Taurus is materialistic, strong-willed, and domestic, only wishing for a home together with her partner. Aquarius, likewise, is materialistic but only intellectually, wishing to have all the knowledge in the world. Together they will understand each others’ need to collect and gather, even if it is on different astral planes.

Aquarius is inventive and creative, a philosophical intellectual, always fantasizing and dreaming about how to change the world. Taurus will be attracted to these qualities, and while her feet are more firmly on the ground than an Aquarius, she does indeed have ideas of her own and will leave an Aquarius floored in a debate if not taken seriously.

You both possess values; Taurus of aesthetics and Aquarius of intellectual abstracts. As long as you keep the ideas and energy flowing between the two of you, you will enjoy yourselves together.

Taurus will be great at maintaining the household, and has a gentle and kind nature, full sensuality and sentiment. Aquarius will be attracted to this, charmed by Taurus’s gentleness and well-kept tidy home. Likewise, your Taurus will love Aquarius’s free spirit and altruistic nature, always trying to help others.

Your relationship will be vital and full of energy, happiness and a small amount of spontaneity coming from Aquarius will keep a Taurus on his toes.

In a sexual sense, Taurus’s gentleness and timidity will have to be overcome by Aquarius’s brimming energy. You will have to open your Bull up and show her how to have a good time.

Together, you can enjoy each other to the fullest. Taurus will always be supportive of your dreams, dear Aquarius, and you must likewise compliment and always be gentle with your Bull. Aquarius and Taurus compatibility is a definite possibility.