Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Air and Water. Completely different from one another! Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility is not very promising.

Aquarius is unpredictable, spontaneous; bouncing off the walls from all of his energy. He also doesn’t seem to understand how to keep his eyes to himself. Scorpio possesses a lot of patience, but not enough to deal with Aquarius. As well, Scorpio is naturally born possessive and jealous, and will have a very hard time dealing with Aquarius’s need to flirt.

You will find yourself bored to tears trying to deal with Scorpio’s wild emotions and tendency to be introverted. And while you would rather a partner who gets out and is a social butterfly, like you, Scorpio won’t be able to handle your independence and risk-taking. Still, if you can learn to communicate more openly and set aside your differences, your relationship could be one of the happiest in the world.

Scorpio is intuitive and inwardly inspired, and will give you all the attention and affection in the world if only you show her a little love. Aquarius, being particularly good at love-giving and open displays of love, will have little trouble acquiring Scorpio’s attention.

All your relationship needs is a lot of compromise. And even then, Aquarius will need to tone her flirtatious nature waaaay down, or Scorpio’s jealousy will overtake even the most loving of relationships.