Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Air and Fire. Aquarius will always encourage Sagittarius’s Fire. Aquarius and Sagittarius are very compatible for one another.

Both of you wear your heart on your sleeve, and will be able to communicate very well (sometimes too well!) with each other. You will always know when your Sagittarius is upset and when he is happy, and you know just the keys to turn to make him content.

Sagittarius is an exciting explorer, leading expeditions into unknown territories, either physically or mentally in the human psyche. No door is closed for him, and you will appreciate his activity and love of exploration, being an adventurer yourself. Sagittarius will be great at supporting your visions and projects, so be sure to give him the same complementary service.

Sagittarius and Aquarius possess common goals, enjoying much the same activities and having a unique love of freedom and creativity. Aquarius wants to save the world, and Sagittarius would love to help you make it happen as long as it means more exploration. You together means unending ambition and bravery, as well. Even if you end up deciding not to be in a relationship together, Sagittarius will always be your friend. He can’t help but to be.

And, if you truly love your Sagittarius and he you, nothing and nobody could possibly break you up. You are a passionate duo, living for one another, your emotions and personalities mingling together and inseparable.

If you have caught your Sagittarius, adventurous Aquarius, never let her go!