Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius is to Pisces as tenderness is to gentleness. You are the Wind of Life, and Pisces is the Water of Life. Aquarius and Pisces are one of the most compatible pairs out there.

Aquarius and Pisces are both out there to serve and save the world. You want to help people. Pisces will do this through her enormous capacity for self-sacrifice; Aquarius through her never-ending energy and love of life. And my, you are both dreamers. You would happily sit the night away, cuddled in each others arms dreaming about how to make a better tomorrow.

An Aquarius and Pisces relationship circles around spirituality and intuition; love and emotions. They are committed to one another, and through their unmoving commitment they feel ready to take on anything. Aquarius does not follow by the rules of prejudices or stereotypes, likewise Pisces has a special empathetic view and gains pleasure from serving others.

When you get your Pisces into bed, sweet Aquarius, be sure to treat her gently and whisper tender words into her ears. Use your intuition and tell her everything she wants to hear and you will be rewarded with awe-inspiring experiences.

If you have found your Pisces, do your best to keep her happy. It won’t be hard – she finds her happiness by pleasing you.