Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Ohh, this would be a perfect pair! If only you both weren’t so impatient to be on top. Air has the possibility of building the Lion’s Fire up, but instead you will spend your time trying to compete with your Leo to be the top dog. Fire and Air will fight with each other, trying to dampen one another.

The Lion is a sign of commitment and a pillar of support. Aquarius, the Water Bearer, will bring to the relationship enthusiasm and excitement, guaranteeing a pair that works nicely together.

However, despite the fact you two may be a good pair, you will both try to impose yourself on the other. Leo will try to boss you around, Aquarius, and your free-loving spirit won’t be having any of it.

This relationship will start strong and burn brightly, but if you both keep trying to boss the other around, it definitely won’t last long. You both possess a passion for living and a passion for love, bright personalities, and an intense ardor for one another, but that is exactly why you are in danger of breaking up. Your passion and ardor risk drowning one another out.