Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

Air and Air – this relationship is a whirlwind of ideas and love. You will never be lacking in happiness.

Ahhh, Aquarius and Gemini. Aquarius is in love with dreaming, with inventing and full of ideas that Gemini is sure to be attracted to. Gemini is a sign most known for his communicative skills. Aquarius will love his intellectual prowess.

Together, no matter where you are, you have your intellectual equal. You can debate, pleasantly at that, about anything that comes to mind. Gemini will happily talk for hours about you with your ideas, as long as you remember to do the same for her.

Your intellectualism and ability to pay close attention will manifest itself in the bedroom, where each of you can fulfill the others every need.

A Gemini and an Aquarius in a relationship need to remember to take it easy-going, and recharge often. Being constantly intellectually stimulated also means a constant drain on energy, which may show itself if you start to get weary of one another.

Aquarius and Gemini are compatible, and have no need to be any more communicative than they already will be. Remember to always be mindful of one another and never brush off their ideas, and you will enjoy your time together.