Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility

Air and Earth. Both of these signs can be found under Saturn, however they are so independent that this relationship is honestly a strange development.

If you do manage to catch a Capricorn’s attention, it may be worth the trouble. Capricorn is a traditionalist, enjoying structure and organization, rarely knowing how to change. Aquarius is innovative, preferring to forge new paths and go her own way. If Aquarius can catch Capricorn’s ear and teach him of structurally sound, though new, values, you may do well together. Capricorn, on the other hand, will show Aquarius the meaning of respecting history.

Aquarius enjoys progress, both personally and on a societal level, while Capricorn prefers to err on the side of caution. At times your Capricorn will think you are wasteful and sloppy, but you must explain to him that in order to invent, to discover new things, one must expend resources, and both time and energy.

Capricorn will patiently show you the value of being wise, while you should encourage your partner to get up and try new things, expanding his horizons. You both live for others; Capricorn shows this through his hard working demeanor, Aquarius through her generosity and humanitarian efforts. If you work together, you can start many projects. Capricorn will fit in to your flaws as nicely as you fit into his, creating a spectacular relationship. The only problem is if Capricorn lets you in – he can be very lonely and isolated at times.

Sexually, Aquarius will find herself in the leading role. Capricorn is eager to please and will do things your way, which may fit you just fine.

Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility is somewhat doubtful, considering their opposite natures. However, if you both can show a little faith, compromise, and an ability to open up to new ways and new ideas (Aquarius’s forte, but not so much Capricorn’s) your relationship will be, at the least, workable, and at the most, amazing.