Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius’s Air will ruffle Cancer’s Water, and I’m not very sure you will ever be truly happy with this relationship. Maybe with a little management and compromise, perhaps, but the stars do not seem very enthusiastic about it.

Aquarius is sometimes too intellectual for Cancer, who is prone to undergo unpredictable mood changes and emotional distress. Aquarius will always try to find the solution, when what Cancer really wants is someone who will sit and listen to problems, not always trying to solve them.

Cancer could learn a lot from an Aquarius, who is a freedom-loving independent. On the other hand, Aquarius could do with listening to Cancer and learning about the emotional side of things instead of living purely in the intellectual.

You have the capability of pulling your Crab out of his shell, teaching him how to think about things objectively instead of through a veneer of emotions and to potentially dampen down the wild mood swings. Cancer’s responsibility in this relationship is teaching the Aquarius there is more to life than an I.Q.

Cancer is just as creative as Aquarius when he opens up, and together you can weave together a beautiful relationship built on both emotion AND intellect, if you learn to compromise.

An Aquarius-Cancer couple is definitely compatible, but only after much self-sacrifice and learning from both of you.