Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

Aquarius’s Air mixed with Aries’ strong Flames? Aries will never be let down by you, dear Aquarius.

Pay attention to your first date. If it goes well, you may well be on your way to a steady relationship. While Aquarius dreams often of how to improve the world, Aries will put these dreams into action and implement them.

Your spontaneity is what will bring you together and make your relationship work. Aquarius is creative and original; imaginative and most definitely the “thinker” of the two of you. Aries is enthusiastic and action-oriented, would rather get up and move instead of worry about the little details. Aquarius will take care of Aries in that aspect and vice-versa, Aries will implement plans that Aquarius had only dreamed of before.

Aquarius will teach Aries the importance of altruism and helping others, and Aries will bring Aquarius on grand adventures and show her a rockin’ good time.

Aquarius will never be worried about Aries’ bossiness, and in return Aries will find himself attracted to Aquarius’s independence and freedom-loving spirit.

Sexually, Aries energy will carry you both through to an enjoyable energy. As an Aquarius you would sometimes rather your partner would slow down and enjoy himself more, but I am sure he will be open to it if you show him how much more pleasure you can gain from being slow.

If you can mold yourselves to each other and teach each other the virtues you have learned throughout your life, this relationship will be fantastic. Remember, communication is the key to any relationship, and while Aries may sometimes be too loose with his words he always means best in the end, so sit down and talk it out if you are ever in an argument.