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Both the Eastern and Western horoscopes have 12 zodiac signs. However, that is about the only similarity they share.Chinese Zodiac WheelContraryto Western Signs of Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac Signs are based on the Lunar and not the Solar Calendar. Each Zodiac Sign is represented by an animal that will “reign” for an entire year. Therefore, one’s Chinese Zodiac Sign is determined by the year they were born in rather than by their day of birth.

The animals listed in the Chinese Horoscope are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Eastern tradition believes that people take on the characteristics of the animal “ruling” their year of birth. For instance, those born in the “Year of the Ox” have a greater tendency to be reliable and diligent in nature. Note that in Chinese Astrology, people identify completely with the Animal Zodiac Sign they are born under. For example, those born in the “Year of the Rat” will be known simply as “Rats”.

All 12 Animal Signs make up the rotating 12-year-cycle that is fundamental to Chinese Astrology. However, there is yet another dimension to these 12 Horoscope Signs. Each Sign comes in five different elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth – making the entire Chinese Horoscope a 60 year long cycle. So your actual Chinese Horoscope will be determined by finding out which year you were born in within the 60-year-astrological-cycle. However, only your Animal Zodiac Sign will be consulted to find out your strengths, weaknesses and compatibility.

The special traits of each Animal Zodiac Sign are listed below. Find out the weaknesses and strengths of your friends and family members depending on which animal year they were born in.


Rats have a strong intellectual gifting and are usually smart, witty, curious and perceptive people. They also have good taste and can be charming and humorous. Rats make good friends as they are loyal and generous to those within their intimate circle.

Strengths: Intelligent, willing to learn and open to challenges
Weaknesses: Greedy or money-minded
Compatibility: Dragon, Monkey


The Ox is known to be diligent, focused and dependable. Such a person would most likely pay great attention to detail and have a serious personality. Those born in the Year of the Ox are usually strong and protective companions who enjoy the company of family and friends. However, they can also be introverted and solitary creatures.

Strengths: Trustworthy, industrious and able to accomplish set goals
Weaknesses: Stubborn, insecure and prone to feelings of loneliness
Compatibility: Snake, Rooster


Being natural leaders and go-getters, Tigers have a pretty impressive persona. Filled with courage, ambition and energy, they are also very passionate about life though they exhibit frequent mood swings. Unbeknownst to most people, Tigers are very affectionate too.

Strengths: Confident with strong leadership qualities
Weaknesses: Can be temperamental at times
Compatibility: Horse, Dog


Rabbits are homely people who like nothing better than to entertain friends and family by the hearth. Their genuine kindness, empathy and warmth make them popular with almost everyone. Unfortunately, these very same traits also result in them being a frequent victim of exploitation.

Strengths: Sincere and compassionate
Weaknesses: Easily manipulated due to their non-confrontational nature
Compatibility: Goat, Pig


The Sign of the Dragon is considered the most auspicious Zodiac Sign in Chinese Astrology. It is common to see many Chinese couples try to conceive a baby born in the Year of the Dragon as they believe their child will then become very successful. Generally, Dragons are incredibly high-spirited and possess a magnetic personality. They’re innate leaders and make good people managers. On the down side, they also suffer from a superiority complex.
Strengths: Charismatic and dynamic leadership qualities
Weaknesses: Conceited and self-centered
Compatibility: Monkey, Rat


Like their namesake, those born under the Sign of the Snake can be rather dangerous and should be treated with caution. Otherwise, they are actually outgoing and generous people. Snakes are clever, logical yet instinctive, and hard workers. They are also good investors.

Strengths: Smart; and have good analytical and financial skills
Weaknesses: Insecure and easily jealous
Compatibility: Rooster, Ox


Horses love to be free and are independent people who take great pleasure in travelling. Though they enjoy love and intimacy, they can come across as a rolling stone who is unable to commit and settle down. Surprisingly, horses are highly seductive and clever with money. They can also be touchy creatures.

Strengths: Self-sufficient and a financial expert
Weaknesses: Impatient
Compatibility: Dog, Tiger


Goats are thinkers with tremendous creative ability, who prefer to be left undisturbed in their contemplations. They also set a great store by appearances. Though they have admirable strengths, goats suffer from a lot of self doubt and need a lot of love and encouragement to ease their constant anxiety.

Strengths: Inventive and resourceful
Weaknesses: Disorganized, insecure and edgy
Compatibility: Pig, Rabbit


Monkeys are fun-loving people who are usually live-wires everywhere they go. Their optimism and enthusiasm is contagious but they tend to be a little wild. Monkeys have poor morals and put themselves first. They are also bad at maintaining committed relationships.

Strengths: Optimistic and possess good listening skills
Weaknesses: Selfish and self-indulgent
Compatibility: Rat, Dragon


Roosters are honest, down-to-earth and trusting people. They are neat, tend to be traditionalists and can be real sticklers. Roosters are also observant and ingenious creatures.

Strengths: Truthful and sensible
Weaknesses: Perfectionist, gullible
Compatibility: Ox, Snake


Resembling the animal influencing their horoscope, Dogs are devoted to those they love. They are usually successful business people but are quite unlucky in their romantic life.  Dogs can turn out to be rigid and temperamental; and often cover up using white lies.

Strengths: Loyal and sensitive
Weaknesses: Inflexible, have a bad habit of fibbing and prone to mood swings
Compatibility: Tiger, Horse


Unlike their animal counterpart, Pigs have exquisite taste. They are also pleasant and gracious. Pigs make good friends and are generally accommodating but don’t let their geniality fool you! Pigs can be very nasty when there is conflict.

Strengths: Helpful and well-mannered
Weaknesses: Vengeful
Compatibility: Rabbit, Goat

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