A Date with Tarot

Stuck in a rut in your current relationship? Feel like spicing up your dates? Want to try something new but ran out of ideas? Well, if you happen to have a deck of tarot cards around, then make use of it to get your creative juices flowing! You can either plan the tarot date ahead as a surprise for your beloved or you could make the exercise part of your couple time. Either way, it will surely add a twist to your day/night out!

How to Set a Tarot Date

  1. Lay out the entire deck face up.
  2. Choose three cards that are the most visually appealing to you. If your date has decided to join the fun, both of you should select two cards each.
  3. Now place all the chosen cards face down and shuffle them around.
  4. Close your eyes and draw a card at random (either you or your partner can do this). This will be your “Tarot Date” card.
  5. Turn the card around and plan your date based on the imagery on it. Use your imagination and have fun!

Examples of Tarot Dates

The Empress Card Rendezvous

The Card: Bliss, leisure and amusement are depicted by the Empress reveling in the midst of flora and fauna. Empress though she may be, there is no air of pomp nor rigidity here so follow her example and keep your date simple.

The Date: Prepare to let loose and enjoy yourself for this will be a carefree outing filled with fun and laughter. Plan a date in the beautiful outdoors where you will be surrounded by greenery or other elements of nature. A hike up a new trail, camping in your favorite spot or just a picnic in the local park/beach will do wonders for your relationship. If you want to incorporate some sensuality into your date, give each other a neck rub or a foot massage at the end of the day – that should send the sparks flying!

The Ten of Discs Rendezvous

The Card: The assembly of both people and animals together signifies a spirit of community and epitomizes the celebration of close bonds among kith and kin.

The Date: If both of you have been dating for some time now, and feel that you are ready to bring your relationship to the next level, this could be the right moment to introduce your significant other into your inner social circle. Bring your sweetheart home for dinner or organize a small get together so that your close friends can meet the love of your life. By the way, keep your dressing on the conservative side to denote the seriousness of your relationship.

Three of Cups Rendezvous

The Card: The three women frolicking round a tree symbolizes fun shared with others, ease and enjoyment, whereas the three cups represent our human feelings, happiness and nostalgia.

The Date: The theme of this date should be “the more the merrier”! So set up a group date and multiply the love and joy with other couples you know. If you want to go along with the “cups” theme, consider attending a wine-tasting event or better still, host your own cocktail party. Just make sure that the focus is on the camaraderie and not the booze!

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